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Summit Lake Outfitters is a family owned and operated, second generation, back country pack in hunting camp, located in the majestic  Wind River Mountains.
I 'v had the pleasure of hunting these mountains for over 20 years. I aspired early on, that this is what I wanted to do for a living and way of life.
We offer high quality hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Bob Cat, Mountain Lion, Black Bear and Antelope.

I am looking forward to providing you with your next big game hunting adventure!"
Cody Wright



hanks lion 2022.jpg

Mountain Lion Hunt

7 Day Mountain Lion Hunts begin mid-November until April 1st. We use side by sides, and pickups, we target mature Tom's. Mountain Lion tags can be purchased over the counter when you arrive.
We raise and train our own hounds specifically for Lion hunting and are extremely adapted to our area and terrain.

Mountain Lion Hunt $7,500
Lion/Bobcat *requires furbearer license.

Combo Hunt $8,500  


Bobcat Hunts

Bobcat hunts are great with a combination Lion hunt but can be hunted separate. We offer a 5-day Bobcat hunt with hounds.
Hunters will need to submit a furbearer's license application to the Game and Fish headquarters in Cheyenne, WY 
Call us if you need more information about a furbearer's License.

Bobcat Hunts $4,500

tims sheep 2021.JPG

Big Horn Sheep Hunts

As I enjoy all aspects of hunting, nothing can compare to a 10 day Big Horn Sheep hunt. Back packing at High altitudes in steep, rugged terrain, makes this hunt one of the most challenging and rewarding of hunts. Hunts begin Sept 1st thru October 31st for Area 8 and August 15th thru October 15th for Area 10.

Big Horn Sheep Hunt $10,000

kathleen bull 2022 2.jpg

7 Day Elk Hunts are hunted out of our Wilderness Camp that is a beautiful scenic 4 hour horseback ride from the trailhead into the heart of the spectacular Wind River Mountains. We offer archery hunts starting in September and rifle hunts in October for Area 96, there is an early rifle season available beginning Sept 20th for Area 97. We also offer a late season 3 day Cow Elk Hunt beginning November 1st-31st

Bull Elk Hunt $8,000 1X1
Bull Elk Hunt $ 7,000 2X1
Late Cow Elk Hunt $2,500 1X1
Late Cow Elk Hunt $1,900 2X1


Mule Deer Hunts

5 Day Mule Deer Hunts for Region H,  areas of 139,140 and 141. Seasons for these prestige and highly sought after areas, have varying dates from Sept thru October. We hunt Mule Deer out of  our high country wilderness camp, at timberline, where the big bucks hang out! Our mule deer hunt is a horseback hunt to high advantage points to glass for bucks feeding in the morning and evening.

Mule Deer $5,000 1X1
Mule Deer $4,500 2X1


Antelope Hunts

3 Day Antelope Hunt Areas 87 & 89, are hunted in lower country out of pickups and side by sides. This hunt begins mid September thru the end of October. There is an abundance and variety of the mighty speed goat bucks to choose from!

Antelope Hunt $2,300 1X1
Antelope Hunt $1,800 2X1


Black Bear Hunts

Spring Black Bear Hunt begins May 1st thru June 15th. These baits are normally hunted in the evening, we have a variety of color phase, Cinnamon, Blond, Chocolate, & Black bears working  over well-established baits.
Black Bear tags can be purchased over the counter when you arrive.

7 day Black Bear Hunt $4,000

5 day Black Bear Hunt $3,500

gunner's moose 2022.jpg

Moose Hunts

7 day Moose Hunt Areas 3 & 5 can be hunted out of our wilderness camp as well as out our home location. Both rifle and archery are available for this hunt. Archery in Sept and rifle in October.

Moose Hunt $6,500


Info & Forms

Refund Policy

There is a non-refundable $1000.00 deposit on all booked hunts. The only time it will be refunded is with exception of the following unforeseen circumstances that may occur: a death of an immediate family member or License holder and/or a serious medical issue rendering hunter from being able to hunt.

Supply List




Gloves (2 pairs)

Clothing-layers- Rain gear

Socks (2 pairs at least)

Flash light


Boots- 2 pair if Lion hunting if able

Hunter orange- Hat or vest

Water bottle

Sleeping bag and pad

Hunting knife

Hunting License

Camera (optional)

Because this is a high elevation pack, in camp this supply list is just a recommendation of basic necessities of what you may need to bring, you can bring other items with in reason for the hunt.

Tag Prices & Preference Points

Bull Elk                    Tag 692.00


Big horn sheep        Tag-2320.00


Moose                     Tag-1982.00


Cow elk                  Tag 288.00

                               pp 52.00

Antelope                Tag 326.00

                               pp 31.00

Mule deer              Tag 374.00

                              pp 41.00

Mountain lion       Tag 373.00 you can buy over the counter.

Black bear            Tag 373.00 you can buy over the counter.

Hunter Reservation Form


Travel to and from trailhead, meals, lodging, guide, feild care of animal, packing meat and trophy to trailhead.


Hunting license, required stamps, meat processing, taxidermy, travel between home and trailhead, tips for guides, cooks and wranglers


Cody & Jonnie Wright/Owner

Summit Lake Outfitters is committed to exceeding your hunting needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.


Operating under permit by the Bridger-Teton National Forest-Equal opportunity service provider

110 Looney Lane Pinedale WY 82941



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